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1 Minimalist style:

Minimalist style is a new trend for young couples because the color is a neutral tone that exudes simplicity and elegance. Simple dresses in silk or non-wedding materials with elegant shapes such as long sleeves, V-neck, off-shoulder, or draping accents at the waist or bodice also bring luxury to the bride.

2 Sparkling Styles:

In stark contrast to the Minimalist style, Sparkling brings a shine and sparkle to the large space decorated by large lights or twinkling lights. Sparkling fabric or crystal-embroidered material will be a material that attracts all the eyes of the attendees at the party. Off-the-shoulder, slit, or fishtail designs with a perfect cut will create an unforgettable look.

3 Vintage Styles:

Warm tones and shimmering candles will be the main highlight for brides who like this classic style. Lace is the main material for the bride, because of its classic look and feminine elegance.

4 Rustic Styles:

Similar to the vintage style, this style brings light and close to nature space through the harmony of green combined with the brown color of the wood. Brides can choose wedding dress designs with a gentle style of materials such as mesh, chiffon, and organza, .. will be the perfect piece for the party.

5 Bohemian styles:

The openness, and freedom, are shown very clearly in the decoration of the wedding space. Streamlined forms, flowing designs, and lengths that just touch the ground, combined with materials such as chiffon, satin, organza, taffeta, and materials with little or no wrinkles combined will help increase the personality and sophistication of the outfit. ceremony.

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